Saturday, May 1, 2010

Random photos of food

Chicken katsu

Chalk this one up to poor documentation, or irresponsibility, but I don't actually remember the name of this place. I know an approximate location for this restaurant, it's near a relatively uninhabited section of 愛國東路 (Ai Guo East Road), and I can even picture the storefront. I can't for the life of me remember the name though... ugh. It's okay. I've been told by numerous people that they only visit to look at the pictures so it's no big loss (plus the people that gripe about not being able to visit any of these places anyway...). In any case, these dishes were cheap as sin... I think something like 70 NT (about $2). The only reason I walked in was because there was a sign outside saying that the daily special was chicken katsu. Go figure.

Yakiniku beef

Let's see, the food came out ridiculously fast since I was the only customer there. It was... adequate? I mean, it was certainly better than I could do even with hours of preparation in the kitchen, so I guess it was better than that. The katsu was appropriately crispy on the outside, and piping hot on the inside, so it wasn't prepared earlier and simply reheated (which is incredible considering the amount of time I was waiting), and the beef yakiniku was excellently tender, although drowned by a cloyingly sweet sauce. All in all, it was good for the money spent, but let's just say I won't make an effort of it to figure out the specifics. To be honest, I'm just kind of OCD about having pictures that've been skipped over and not posted. Plus I really like pictures of fried chicken.


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