Saturday, February 20, 2010

What a heart attack looks like

I'll explain later. Lots of judging going on by people on the street though. Edit: So as promised, I'm back to explain this stupidity insanity. In celebration of me getting into even more graduate schools (not really, I wanted to go out to eat, but I needed an excuse), my boys and I went down to St. Marks to grab some heart and soul warming ramen from Ramen Setagaya, which... I will soon write about once I get to be less lazy, more bored with life, and give up on senior design. After we pounded down our bowls of ramen and finished watching this sick ass game show from Japan that involved Japanese girl bands and wall climbing, we mused whether or not we should just head back to Columbia. Of course, me being the fatass that I am proposed we go to Baskin Robbins since I wanted a shake like a fat kid wants cake. After a momentary lapse of weakness where I saw a McDonald's and considered getting chicken nuggets and a smaller shake, we proceeded to go next door to fulfill our goal.

Yeahhhhh yo, that's a dozen donuts split between Dom and myself. I swear to god the girl at the counter got pissed off that we individually made single donut selections. Also, I got the large oreo milkshake. This reminds me, the last time I asked which shake had the most calories, the guy friggin' lied. Peanut butter and chocolate is 320 calories per scoop. Oreo is a massive 350 per scoop! I feel ripped off.

Bonus shot in action. Like I said, a lot of people kept staring. I mean, it makes sense... if you saw a group of people with a box of donuts stuffing their faces whilst walking, you'd be perplexed too. I should add, the sugar crash after that was phenomenal.


Rodzilla said...

Why D&D over one of the well known pastry shops in the area?

And why no jelly filled :( ?

tifkwan said...


And seriously, if you're looking for a heart attack you should've gotten jelly donuts.

Rodzilla said...

hold the phone, very top left next could be jelly filled.

Nicholas said...

sorry rod... that was bavarian creme. oh so good.

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