Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ramen Setagaya, will you adopt me?

I have this thing for ramen in case you didn't know. It's somewhat poorly documented since I didn't really get a chance to photograph the most of the stuff I had in Taiwan, but it's true. It's up there with beef noodles and curry rice. So on the same night that I pushed several thousand more calories through my tiny body, I had also gotten ramen from Setagaya. Daven, Dom, Chris, Han, Rich and I had trekked downtown planning on getting our noodle on, and proceeded to get lost (this is the collective intelligence level of 6 Columbia students... if you're a prospective student, consider that before coming here). Anyhoo, after many twists and turns, we ended up at our magical destination of St. Mark's Place. We walk in (SUPER BOSSLIKE), and they tell us that there's not enough seating for all of us. We proceed to glare at these 2 guys that were taking up a long table, and they got up as soon as they caught our gaze, probably out of fear (this only took place in my mind btw). No seriously though, these 2 guys were extremely accommodating and gave up their seats so that we could sit at the large table. Everyone orders (more or less the same thing)... the picture to the upper left was supposed to be the shio ramen (but they screwed up and gave me the chasu pork!) as part of the dinner set, with which I also got gyoza... I ate them... without taking a picture. Fail. For I think $11.95 it wasn't super cheap, but it also wasn't expensive for the area. To boot, it was close enough to what I expect where I'd go back again, so if you're looking for ramen, I would point you here I guess.

So while I wasn't smart enough to take a picture of my own side (your choice with any meal set... either oyako don, curry rice, or gyoza), I did snap a picture of the oyako don that Han got. I have no clue how it tasted, I just thought it looked good with a nice blend of colors haha. See how superficial my opinion of restaurants are? Anyway, in summary... if you like ramen (and on a cold day, who doesn't?) and if you're in the area, don't hesitate to stop in at Setagaya. There's a nice little Izakaya feel, complete with bar, and the food is definitely palatable. I'd say it'd be comparable to Menkuitei, but with smaller portions. The prices aren't outrageous, and the area is certainly fun.


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