Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fried carbs... I like fried things okay?

So honestly, this is probably a stupid post. I'm prefacing this post by saying that. That said, on the very same trip to 淡水 (Dan Shui), I happened to run across a stand called 好大甜甜圈 or in English 'Super Big Donut.' No false advertising here, they make really big donuts. Correction, they make really big donuts, really cheap. No, of course you won't find the same selection that you might at Doughnut Plant, or even at Dunkin Donuts, but you know what? These are 30 NT (less than $1), and they're about the same size as my hands stretched out. It should be noted that I have small hands, but not comically small. I can palm a women's regulation basketball if that gives any indication of scale (I meant... on a good day). Anyway, they're ginormous, but how do they taste...

Yeah yeah, I'm gonna hold you in suspense for a few more lines. I just thought the picture of the stall was pretty amusing. Mostly the sign. If you think about what the name is for just a few times over, you'll realize how stupid it sounds. Oh well, good thing their donuts are friggin' awesome. They're fried fresh and just to the right consistency. The oil is still bubbling from every nook when you bite into it, and the latent temperature melts just a fraction of the sugar. End result, crunchy crystals melting straight into liquid like syrup. The dough is light and airy to boot, with just a hint of yeast in the flavor, which... while unexpected, was a nice contrast to the sweet outer layer. Super big donuts, super recommended (yeah that doesn't make sense, sue me).


James said...

Variety is meaningless when you've got a good plain doughnut eaten fresh out of the fryer. Even better when you can afford to eat three in a row!

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