Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Balls deep in love

Haha, sorry if you don't get the reference. I'm a bro, and I like watching 'The Cleveland Show.' Anyway, This'll be another short post since I don't remember much about these. Same trip to 臨江夜市 (Lin Jiang Night Market), as I was leaving I saw a stand manned by a guy and his daughter selling Takoyaki... fried octopus balls. Basically they take something similar to, but isn't, 魚漿 (fish paste) to make a batter which are then poured into essentially a waffle iron of spheres. They then drop a cut up section of octopus into each one and essentially pan fry the balls to GBD. Once the underside is cooked, they add more batter on top of the matrix, and artfully flip each one upside down. They have serious skills, like no joke, they can flip maybe 100 of these balls 1 by 1 in under a minute. During the whole process, more and more oil is squirted onto the griddle thingy, so you just know there's a crapload of oily goodness ready to spill out and burn your mouth.

Anyway, sorry for the bad picture, my arms were still shaking at that point, sigh. So they give you 6 of these balls of golden deliciousness, and top it with <3 Kewpie mayo, bonito flakes, and... unfortunately an overload of wasabi. That kind of ruined it for me... I think I would've preferred them plain. In any case, these were okay I guess if you're craving, but they weren't out of this world incredible (which is good since I don't remember where it was located). Dissatisfied panda indeed.


Lingbo said...

D: Disatisfied panda? NO!

Takoyaki are amazing, but I've only had one version I adored - in the Flushing Mall food court. I've had it a bunch of times since and they just seem like hot, gooey messes. Sigh.

James said...

Takoyaki! I actually prefer them with dried seaweed and sesame seeds on top, but you can get you takoyaki smothered in bonito and the usual suspects at Otafuku in the EV. Have you tried it there?

Nicholas said...

@lingbo i guess i need to venture out into flushing more, but it's so far from columbia... across town, and more!

@james nope, never been there strangely enough. thanks for the suggestion! i actually have no problem with the bonito, i just hated the wasabi overload.

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