Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tofu City... or at least I think that's what it's called (豆腐花成)

I keep saying I have posts left from Taiwan (and boy do I ever), but I haven't done anything in the past few months about it. I'm super bored what with Winter break and all, so I have a bit of time to chip away at that never ending queue. On a random day of walking near SOGO, I came across a shaved ice dessert place that I'd never seen before. I actually have no clue what attracted me to go in, considering the store front looked pretty groddy, and the owner was a woman with a very 'intimidating' look... take that as you will. Maybe I was just craving something sweet/cold. Honestly it's been way too long for me to remember my motivations for eating haha (it's a miracle I'm even posting these things at all!). Anyhoo, I stumbled in, took a look at the menu, and settled on that mess of goose crap green you see to the left.

First up, here's the menu in all its glory (and prices too)! Still too lazy to explain everything, but basically they had a small twist on traditional shaved ice. It should be noted that nothing on their menu is over 70 NT ($2.50) so it's definitely cheap. Their style is to shave half a container of ice, then to sandwich a ball of ice cream in the middle of the pile, then to drizzle the syrup over top. This allows for a crapton of combination possibilities, since they have rather exotic ice cream flavors like... mango.

Just a close up. I chose to go strawberry inside green tea shaved ice. Despite the unappealing olive green syrup, it tasted pretty good. The syrup was super concentrated so it had the bitterness of matcha, but just enough to mesh properly with the ice (which, once melted, tasted kind of like a green tea smoothie). The strawberry ice cream was... more or less, meh, but it was a nice contrast of sweetness to the bitterness. I can't say I was overwhelmed by their 'ingenuity,' but it was satisfying (if I recall correctly haha), and cheap... which is way more important. As far as the name, they're supposedly better known for their dessert style tofu. I think the green goop appealed to me more for some reason.


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