Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Post dinner meal at 溫州大餛飩 (Wen Zhou Big Wonton)

I do know where is from! I was super hungry really late one night after dinner and I was wandering around behind my apartment when I realized that there are no such things at 24 hour delis in Taipei. There's only 7-11 and OK mart. Not that those things are bad, just I wanted something that resembled a meal on a plate. I came across a chain called 溫州大餛飩 or loosely translated as 'Wen Zhou Big Wonton.' This is why I hate translating things into English, it sounds stupid. Anyway, I got a mixed wonton noodle dish with 老虎醬... tiger sauce ha. The sauce is that pile of crap paste in the middle of the ultra thin noodles, which is sitting in a bed of chili oil and delicious pork wontons. Trust me, when you have the munchies, McDonald's is good and all, but this hits the spot like no other. The noodles mixed with sauce taste slightly sweet, yet at the same time... appropriately spicy. Having raw scallions on top makes for another sharp taste if you happen to bite into a mouthful. After you're done with the noodles, the wontons are left sitting in a pool of oil that I can only describe as liquid fire. Seriously, they put Szechuan Gourmet to shame. It doesn't hurt that they're pretty damn good on their own. Thin, almost translucent, yet resiliently chewy skins make for an odd yet pleasant texture in the mouth. Did I mention it's a chain (i.e. SUPER cheap... I think it was 50 NT or $1.50).


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