Thursday, June 25, 2009

More sugar... more Meet Fresh

Read more about Meet Fresh (here and here). This is actually going to be an ultra short post, since I have to leave in about 15 minutes. Anyway, I wanted to keep my streak of daily updates going (and my backlog short) so I'm just gonna post a bit of food porn (sized larger per someone's request haha).

On this return trip to Meet Fresh (and no I'm not posting everything I get, since I do plan on trying everything on their menu), I split a 黑糖粉粿冰 (brown sugar jelly shaved ice) with the mom. Cost... 50 NT ($1.50). Taste... pretty damn good. With an ice base made from fresh shaved brown sugar, the mountain is topped with brown sugar caramel, layered with red adzuki beans, tapioca bubbles, gelatin made from brown sugar, and finally yam and taro flavored gelatinous rice balls... mmm that last bit sounds especially unappetizing. Let me just say, you'd be kicking yourself if you pass on this because it sounds gross. It turned out to be one of my favorite things on the menu so far.

I didn't run today... namely because I ran yesterday, hung my shirt up in the closet, and made it rank as hell. I don't know what to do with my clothes if I can't wash them on a daily basis. So... 3 off days. I'll run a nice 10 miler over the weekend to make up for it.


Jeanie Tseng said...


I miss Taiwanese food so much. Please keep posting photos like these!

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