Friday, June 5, 2009

Hi from Taipei

So I arrived in one piece lol, and I didn't get quarantined due to swine flu... although this jerk behind me did seemingly punch the back of my seat everytime he got up. Anyway, as promised... I ate first thing after I got off the plane. A fine meal indeed... a bowl of beef noodle soup (scratch what I said about Chinatown being basically as good, I was delirious), a big cup of plum green tea (way better than it sounds), and a matcha green tea mochi bread filled with red bean paste. Added bonus to those who know what I'm referring to when I say 'bo lo bao with a porkchop,' I have found a prefabricated bo lo bao with char siu inside. Holy crap, I nearly peed myself in excitement.

I'll make a formal post (with pictures) eventually... I promise. For now, this teaser'll have to suffice since I don't really have reliable internet. Think... I can't even connect to gmail consistently kind of bad. Obviously no running today, I just got off a plane damn it! So my joints are a bit stiff and make weird popping sounds. Today is all about the eating.


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