Saturday, October 29, 2011

Grand slam curry (Go! Go! Curry!)

Look at 'em sausages

From the same country that brought you Godzilla (cool), tentacle porn (disturbing), and girl groups with 48 members (erotic?), Japan has also given us Go! Go! Curry! - which is awesome. Now, I don't think it's any secret that Go! Go! Curry! is pretty dope when it comes to curry in NYC. Not that it's really all that hard to impress me when you start breading and frying shit, but I do consider myself something of a katsu-connoisseur, and theirs are pretty much the bee's knees, even when compared to the ones I've had in Asia. While their regular katsu curry dishes are already pretty reasonably priced for the wallet/butthole-violating area that is midtown - and that's not even counting the the fact that if you go on any day after Matsui hits a homerun (not that often), or any day that ends in a '5' a.k.a. 'Go!' days, you receive a free topping coupon - there's something else on their menu that exceeds all expectations when it comes to value + my dreams of things that are fried. Sure you could spend $7 to $10 on a regular one topping curry, but why the fuck would you... when you can get the 'number one champion best deal curry' - as I was told by the guy at the counter - the Grand Slam Curry?

Thar be a shrimp too

The kind folks at Go! Go! decided to go fucking apeshit with the Grand Slam Curry. Instead of just having a single pork/chicken cutlet... you get both. Also some sausage links... and some fried tempura shrimp... and also some shredded lettuce and a split boiled egg - most likely only there so you don't feel like a fat piece of shit for piling down what basically amounts to three fried pieces of meat, glorious brown sauce, and a double serving of rice. Whatever, even shitty lettuce tastes pretty good when paired with Japanese curry sauce.

Beautiful porks

I'm not going to harp on the the fact that their chicken/pork cutlets are juicy as hell, or that their breading is fucking golden, brown, and most certainly delicious (although both are very true statements). What I wanted to make clear with this post is the fact that this is a ridiculously dope value play when it comes to food. Think about it this way: a single XL curry with a katsu on top will be $8.50 minimum. I suppose you could add another thingy of meat to that platter for $2, but then you're up to $10.50. Now throw in the egg (which in actuality I couldn't give two shits about), the fried shrimp (which I'm allergic to), and the pork sausage thingers - and you're up another $5.50. Even if you're just counting stuff I like eating, I'd be paying the same amount. I'm pretty sure the Grand Slam Curry gets more rice/sauce though. As a very frugal Asian person, I'm not about to turn down free stuff... regardless of if I want it/it will kill me. It's simple math + genetics. For less than a 50% increase in cost, I can get twice as much food, and also a very thrilling allergic reaction-type experience. It's like dinner and a show!

tl;dr - Go! Go! Curry is pretty good at making curry and frying things. If you go, you absolutely should man up and order the Grand Slam Curry (and finish it yourself). It is the pinnacle of price performance on their menu. You're welcome.

GO!GO!CURRY! New York‎
273 W 38th St, New York, 10018


James said...

the best. i can't believe katsu counts as a "topping."

Rodzilla said...

they forgot to deep fry the egg

Patrick said...


Food blogger eating contest at gogo curry????

damn it! I just want an excuse to binge eat till i want to puke my brains out.

FYI I learned that a triple is bigger than a grand slam. A grand slam is only a double portion of rice but I personally believe a grand slam is a better value with all those fucking toppings. Too bad they caught on... I used to ask for the sausage, shrimp and egg to be substituted for MORE FUCKING KATSU! sigh now they no longer allow substitutions :( Sad sad sad day

ok sorry a little too excited with this comment.
but i just fucking love love love gogo curry. i probably jizzed my pants writing this comment. im going to go clean up now.

Danny said...

you know i didn't actually figure out how much this grand slam curry cost from the post. haha. for some reason when i see katsu + curry, i just always think, "man, this curry is like dirt cheap from a packet at the grocery store so i'm just paying for katsu essentially." and then the bubble bursts for me. it is so damn tasty though... fuck i'm hungry now.

Nicholas said...

James - yeah dude, and natto too. It's the same system at all the pork chop places... those are "toppings"

Rodzilla - gotta pretend it's healthy. Sorta.

Patrick - it's up there for me. I too learned that a triple is bigger than a grand slam, but I like the diversity of toppings offered with the Grand Slam... plus for a single person, $12.50 is a bitchin' deal for all that food anyway.

Danny - $12.50 + tax. Haha, sorry... I'm a pretty shitty food blogger when it comes to actually giving relevant information -_-;;

Their curry is so much better than boxed stuff, and I know I can't fry shit like they can... so for the time being, they will continue to get my business.

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