Saturday, November 5, 2011

Steak and eggs w/fried rice (Boka)

Korean steak and eggs

Holy shit bro... you like steak and eggs? Do you also like kimchi fried rice? Fuck son, me too. If only there were such a glorious place that will fry a couple of eggs sunny-side up, plop them bitches next to some grilled and marinated beef, and serve that ish over some fried rice... shit would be tight, right? Boka does just that, and it's pretty damn legit (in the delicious sense, not the authentic sense). Listen... I know most people go to Boka because they have that sweet-ass deal on Thursdays with the all-you-can-eat/drink BonChon and beers, but if you're already there - I suggest you get a plate of this junk too. It's not that their kimchi fried rice is better than the homemade one made by your Korean friend's mom, and it's not like their galbi is the juiciest/tenderest/most flavorful cut of grilled cow that I've ever put to my lips, and well... eggs are eggs, but when you put all three of those things together and serve it alongside a bottle of soju with Hyori on the label? Fuck yeah it's the best. It tastes exactly like how I felt when Daniel-san beat those assholes from Kobra Kai. No, better. Straight awesome.

tl;dr - yeah I know this isn't really a full post, I just wanted to tell people to go eat some steak and eggs with kimchi fried rice.

9 Saint Marks Pl # D, New York, NY 10003


Anonymous said...

Monsieur Nicholas,

Your posts are like the sated afterglow after the perfect meal, please post more, s'il vous plait.

No seriously, your posts are hysterically funny and a welcome bout of unexpected and turbulent diarrheal sunshine (that's really a compliment even if it sounds odd) in the middle of a crummy day/week/month - you know, usual day at work/life.

Thank you for your awesome posts, really and sincerely.

BEST BEST BEST food blog about NYC food EVER! Thanks for being so recession-friendly for us poor folk.

Mercy, dude. Merci.


AJ Hwang said...

What the anonymous dude above me said.

On another note, I really must stop browsing through your blog now. It's making me hungry and I'm supposedly on a 'diet', yet all I'm craving now is something along the lines of fried and greasy with plenty of carbs.

Nicholas said...

Anonymous - aw, kind words :) I would love to post more, but unfortunately, I too have that same usual day at work problem...

AJ Hwang - diets = overrated. I'm going to eat carbs right now.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing. I always click off with a new place to add to my omnom list. :)

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