Monday, June 7, 2010

A lesson on pineapples

Tiny pineapple

Saying this has anything to do with food just because it's a pineapple would be a huge stretch. I learned something today that's kind of cool to me, so I thought I'd share with everyone. Apparently you can take a pineapple, slice off the top bit, proceed to eat and enjoy the fruit (see? there's eating involved), take said top bit and stuff it into a pot of dirt. Give it some time and bam! Suddenly you have a brand new pineapple plant, which in turn produces another mini-pineapple. The circle of life is awesome. Have a great Monday.

Damn, I need a tag called 'Things Columbia Didn't Teach Me.'


Anonymous said...

Does this work for all types of pineapples?!?! Do they actually grow in our non-tropical climate?? Wow, I have to try this now.

Nicholas said...

I think it'd work with any pineapple (I'm purely guessing here). I'd guess it's definitely hot enough in the US to do it since it's summer now.

Sue said...

what!!! AMAZING :O best thing I've learned so far this summer haha

Nancy said...

This does work but I just cut the pineapple head off and it works the same. My roots are huge and am transferring into a pot today! Make sure to give it a lot of sunlight and a pretty large pot like artificial potted plants. Also, you should do direct sunlight. It really speeds up the growth.

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