Friday, June 11, 2010

Korean from 龍山寺捷運 (Long Shan Temple MRT)

Pseudo-bulgogi (from 龍山捷運站)

I've been eating Korean food a lot lately for some reason. Nothing against beef noodles, fried rice, or any of the other foods that Taiwan does exceptionally well, I guess I just wanted to break the monotony of my eating habits. After a somewhat disappointing, and very overpriced, experience at Jeju Tofu House, I actively sought out another Korean place to try, when I unexpectedly found one in the 'food court' of the 龍山 MRT station. Without a name, proper seating, or an actual store front for me to photograph, my expectations were set low. How did it end up tasting?

For 70 NT (~$2) you have your pick of virtually everything on their menu. I got their 韓式拌飯, which just translates to Korean mixed rice. In my mind this meant bibimbap, but it's closer to bulgogi. Final verdict, not life-changing, not awful. For the price? Pretty good. I wouldn't tell anyone to go out of their way to find this 'unnamed Korean stall,' but it serves its purpose at a price that's hard to argue with. Although... I have to be completely honest, this is another one of those posts I made simply because I like the colors. I love food, but I love food even more when it's aesthetically pleasing.


joanh said...

when i'm desperate i go to the local food court korean place too.. this one looks decent. more meat than usual.

bionicgrrrl said...

Oh yeah, definitely not bibimbab. More like a dupbab, stuff over rice.

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