Sunday, April 25, 2010

Canadian take on donut burgers

Packaged Luther Burgers

I've done this before previously. When I did this the first time at the beginning of the year, I had sworn that I wouldn't do this for a long time. You feel tremendous eating the 1st one, but by the 2nd you begin to feel it, and by the 3rd, you just feel awful. It really makes you wonder how something can taste so amazing, but 5 minutes later... is the last thing you want to look at. Anyway, more than a few people got pissed off at me for not inviting them for the first go, so it was more or less a given that we had to give donut burgers another shot (I was also chastised for calling them 'Luther Burgers' when I didn't use Krispy Kreme, so I'll avoid that this time).

Tim Horton's donuts!

Like I said, a Canadian take on this abomination. Last time we used Dunkin, I think because there was a sale. Well, we were in midtown, and I love me some Tim Horton's. Mostly for their coffee ice cream drinks, but this was a mission, with a single thing on mind... donuts. It was kind of embarrassing when we walked in and just started saying... "We'll take all of the honey glazed, and um... all of the vanilla frosted... and all of those too." Whatever, in the end we walked out with some 24 donuts, since we figured about 3 or 4 per person (and some that would inevitably be eaten prior to cooking).

Ground beef, with size comparison

We used just over 3 pounds of ground beef for 15 burgers (yes 9 donuts disappeared mysteriously... ~weird). Just about a quarter pound per, it was appropriately sized given the small diameter of the donuts. My hand is there for size comparison. Like I've said previously, I have small hands, but not comically small, so that's a fair amount of ground cow.

Final product!

Holy crap those were good. Chris mixed it up with the double chocolate and honey glazed for a little bit of mixed action. We chose American cheese (not because it was preferred, it was just really cheap), but it worked well. The classic honey glazed were what you'd expect, overly sweet, with an overwhelming amount of oil spilling out of the homemade patties. The vanilla frosted ones were similar, slightly cloying with the amount of sugar present between the frosting and the glaze. Like I said, the winner was probably the double chocolate mixed with the honey glazed. Since the double chocolate donut uses a non-glazed cake base, it was just slightly bitter, and managed to hit the perfect spot in terms of sugar. Sigh, where am I gonna find friends who are willing to indulge in my stupid food experiments like this at Penn? I'm kinda sad that I'm graduating (as much as I hate Columbia).

On a side note, why am I getting so many visitors from NYU lately (end creepy stalker questions)?


Robyn said...

Omg omg omg I've never bad a doughnut burger and I'd love to try one. Maybe I should throw a doughnut burger party, but I'm not sure how many of my friends would wanna eat em. :[

Rodzilla said...

Impressive, sir.

Penn has a cycling team, and you can race as a graduate student in the ECCC..sooo I'm thinking some of those guys may be down.

Anonymous said...

I felt terrible after eating 3 of these...and yet now i want to do it again

Nicholas said...

Just though I'd take a second to respond to some emails and comments that have been sent to me.

1) I didn't just do this for the caloric shock factor. I did it once, and I actually enjoyed it. Is that so difficult to believe?

2) This is NOT why America is overweight, and to one overzealous email happy responder, I am not obese. Far from it. At one point I was a semi-decent rower at a very well respected program.


@Robyn I dunno how soon I'd want to have another one of these, but if you decide to throw said party, count me in.

@Rodzilla I realize Penn has a cycling team, and I have every intention to join, my first crit experience... did not end so well, which annoys me to no end since I'm convinced I'm more physically capable than 90% of cat5's. I just suck at riding my bike haha.

@Anonymous way more chances to do so in Philly yo.

MyMyMichl said...

Back when I was at NYU those were common snacks after a few tokes of good pot.
So does someone think this is something new?

Anonymous said...

Canada is reeling.

Anonymous said...

Canada is nothing more than our missile shield to the north, no one cares about the "reeling" going on.

Nicholas said...

@MyMyMichl nope, nothing new, just something I felt like making again. Dunno why people are so angry about it.

@Anonymous x2 I love Canada. Mainly for hockey, maple syrup, and poutine. They are much more than our missile shield to the North.

Melissa Zhang said...

NYU people love donut burgers and candy bar pies. I mean, I'm just gonna go ahead and speak for all of us.

And yes, donut burgers round 3: Japanese-style. Let's get some Mister Donut up in here!

raymahtani said...

I live in Canada and take offence to Annoynymous;)

That being said, Tim Hortons iced cappuccinos are good but their doughnuts suck!! Imho, they are overrated and have saturated my city!

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