Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hamilton Deli (I will miss you)

NYPD from Hamdel

Someone once mentioned that there should be a list of suggestions for sandwiches to get at M2M. Well, this isn't it (I'll get to that in a future post). Instead I'm going to visit Hamdel, a place that keeps my wallet much thinner than it has to be, and keeps me going to the gym. After my points and meals ran out after freshman year, Hamdel became my second home. Some people claim they go there a lot, well... I'd put money on the fact that I collected more free gold cards in my sophomore year than they have in their college career. Anyhoo, it would be incredibly stupid to try to analyze every sandwich they serve (Although I have actually tried everything on their menu, also known as the Tour de Hamdel), so I'll just make a list of my favorite 8 (don't ask... it's a lucky number) and reasons why I love them.

  • NYPD - It was the first sandwich I ever got at Hamdel, basically roast beef, cheese, bacon, and bbq sauce. Nothing outrageous, but there's nothing to dislike. It was a favorite of mine for well over a year. The picture at the top is the NYPD in all its glory.

  • Fat Boy - I have to be honest, I only like this sandwich because when my friend ordered it, the lady at the counter said "Fat boy for the fat boy?" I do like pastrami and cole slaw though. Overly salty meat countered by questionably sweet cole slaw...

  • Mojo Melt - This is basically a Fat Boy but with roast beef instead of pastrami. The combination still works. Hmm... maybe I just like their cole slaw.

  • #3. Grilled Combo - A basic grilled chicken with mozzarella and teriyaki sauce. It's a sandwich I'll order if I feel like I need to eat 'healthier.' Ha, that's debatable.

  • Undergrad - Combination of corned beef, swiss cheese, and sauerkraut. As for the mustard, I always replaced it with honey mustard. I'm not sure why I like this, but I do.

  • The Judge - Reserved for when I have a free card. Always ordered deluxe. Covered in cheese, bacon, ham, and fried onions, it's a heart attack waiting to happen. I like to think I'm living dangerously when I order it.

  • The Don - The idea of mozzarella and marinara sauce on a burger appeals to me. It's like I'm having a meatball sub, but with fries and all that jazz.

  • E-Mail - The novelty of having guacamole and raw onions in a burger is sorta unique. Some people probably won't like the idea of that much fat in a burger. Meh, I embrace it.
To be honest, this list is purely based off my own opinion. There are a lot of sandwiches I absolutely can't stand (namely Jaws, and the tuna melt), and I feel like their paninis are rather mediocre, so by no means is this a comprehensive ranking for things you should get. I only wrote this hoping that someone might run across it when they're plum tucker out of ideas at Hamdel. Anyway, just don't flip out and leave hateful comments when you realize you order The Judge and your left arm starts to hurt. I'll do one of these for M2M too, as that was the original request haha.


Dominic said...

I love the judge deluxe w/ cheesy onion rings.
All for free....well, $65.80 worth of sandwiches on a card "free"

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