Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm still here... I swear

I realize I haven't been posting lately, and for that I apologize. Actually nevermind, I don't like apologizing, even when I've done something wrong. It's a pride thing. Whatever, the point is, the reason why I haven't been posting... well, there's midterms for the next 2 weeks (so maybe I'll post, but not as often). There's also puzzle challenge, which means I'm in super serious concentration mode (haha not really true). There's also me trying to learn failing miserably at how to write an iPhone app for seriouseats, so yeah... my palate's pretty full.

Oh, and also that nonsense about me building a bike... almost forgot about that. Continue to check back on that if you're interested, saddle arrived today, and the remaining parts got accidentally shipped to Chris' house. Super win.

Since this post has become a giant whinefest about how busy I am, I should also add that I'm now also training to compete at CRASH-B's. Basically a giant erg'off in February so rowers have an excuse to wear spandex, and talk about how awesome wearing spandex is, and possibly purchase more spandex. No seriously, I'm gonna drop weight to 130 and try to win a hammer as a coxswain. Let's be honest, I'd get smoked in the collegiate/open division, but coxswains... it'll be awesome. Almost as awesome as spandex. Almost.

And the picture... remember, I said I hate making posts without pictures. As most of you are unaware of, my suite is in the possession of 2 turtles, most graciously given to us by a friend of my sister (thanks Ben! Even though you probably don't read this). They provide us with a moderate source of stress relief in our otherwise hectic lives. I like to take them out and chase them around as if I were Godzilla and they were small Japanese children. I would tell you their names, but that's embarrassing. If you're part of Columbia housing services, everything I wrote in the past paragraph is fiction.


Anonymous said...

i wish shimano made spandex. i could wear it underneath my clothes and be super awesome every day.

Anonymous said...

how dare you go 5 days without posting? think of the children

Nicholas said...

goddamn anonymous posting, if i knew who you were, i swear... i'd... probably do nothing lol.

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