Thursday, November 19, 2009

I told you I eat when I'm stressed right?

I should also mention I'm getting seriously chubs... like, shouldn't even talk about rowing at coxswain weight chubs. I felt like I needed to justify my long absence from posting, so here I'm gonna bitch and moan explain why I've been lazy lately. First off, you don't understand how hard it is to get professors to write you recommendations on time. I thought it'd be easy, since I see them everyday (LOL not really), but yeah... once you do get a hold of them, they tell you they will, and a week later... still nada. So I've been racking my brains over that. Also... I've had a few trying midterms lately. Intro to statistical reasoning was a toughie... so was E&M properties of solids, but it was mostly that damn statistics class. Anyhoo, what comprised of studying for me was eating chocolate chip cookies, a burger with fries, buffalo wings, and ice cold cream soda. I think I failed that E&M exam btw, so clearly... my 'studying' failed. On a related note, don't ever talk to me if I'm actually studying. I rarely do, so if I'm actually studying... it's probably because I'm actually going to fail.

Reason number 2 why I've neglected myinnerfatty... PUZZLE CHALLENGE. I don't know if I ever explained this (probably not, since I started this blog after CPC last year), but imagine being in a room for 12 hours (well 9 this year...) just solving puzzles. Basically it's a nerdfest to the highest order... and it's something my suitemates and I pride ourselves in more than anything. A little backstory. Sophomore year, 4 fresh faced sophomores formed a team, under the banner, thought of by none other than yours truly, 'IdHitThat,' probably the single most offensive puzzle challenge name to women everywhere. Backstory to that... I was supposed to be on another team, but kind of bailed on them and asked my current suitemates behind their backs (I'm sorry about that! Oh wait, no I'm not... we're awesome, almost as awesome as spandex. Almost...). Anyhoo, sophomore year... we snipe 1st place at Columbia in the last hour of the contest, winning on the basis of points alone. We finished 56th in the nation? Junior year, full of confidence, we almost gave up halfway through since we were losing to another team 'Lorem Ipsum' with about 4 hours left. Once again, we charge through in the final 2 hours and win, again, on the basis of points. So many points in fact, that we were the highest point finisher who didn't solve the final puzzle. We were 28th in the nation. Senior year, we once again feel dejected about halfway through, trailing 'Lorem Ipsum' by 60 points. In the next 2 hours, we stopped dicking around, overtook everyone at Columbia on points, and then solved the final puzzle with 3 hours left. We finished 1st at Columbia and 3rd in the nation. Take that MIT (I'm joking... I love you guys and I'd love to study there next year). See that picture? Super sweet senior squad. Like that alliteration?

I'd also like to add that our team got this stupid puzzle without finishing the set. Take that... everyone who actually took the time to dick around and finished assembling. Graceful winners? No. Awesome? Yes... almost as much as spandex.


Tiffany said...

Don't worry. Two of mine still haven't written. I decided that professors are like students and they procrastinate. I've given them all the materials and deadlines. I figure I'll send them a reminder in a couple weeks, which will give them a month to write and send. (A month since it *is* holiday season and they have classes/grading to do, I presume.)

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