Saturday, July 23, 2011

Does dollar pizza get you hot and bothered? (Real Cheap Eats)

Shack stack

Know why I haven't been posting as frequently lately? Partially because I've been moving shit to my new apartment, but mostly because I've been wasting my time watching the Tour de France on TV. I forget who, but someone once said that those guys must all be high as shit to be willing to ride hundreds of miles per day for three weeks straight in the pursuit of a few flamboyantly colored jerseys. That's probably true. Man I feel lazy. Anyway, to prove that I'm not 100% worthless, I'm gonna give myself a quickie <boner!> and pimp the shit out of a little side collaboration that I've been working on lately... a dandy little site called "Real Cheap Eats." Ever find yourself broke, tired, slightly aroused, and furiously hungry in the middle of NYC? I know I have. Instead of going to useless sites that rhyme with "kelp" and reading hipster prose, now you can just mosey on over to "Real Cheap Eats," where you can find suggestions on what to put in your mouth with content from actual food bloggers... and me.

Okay, so maybe I didn't write that many entries, and maybe I just cropped photos... whatever. You should still use it, it's awesome. Impress all your clueless friends with dope-ass food. They'll think you're hot shit and uber-cultured when you bring 'em to eat spicy lamb noodles. Bitches love spicy lamb noodles.


I-Wei said...

I would like some dope ass-food.

Ben said...

Ah, Tour de France, one of the most public displays of pure physical fitness that I can think of - better than the Olympics.

Those guys eat like 5000 calories a day - I heard that a lot of retired bicyclists who stop training as hard forget to stop their excessive diet and pack on the pounds like no other.

Ms Fatty said...

I can't even disagree. I love me some spicy lamb noodles. That's also a might fine looking burger!

Kevin said...

You only swallowed a Lego once? Dude, I must have swallowed a ton of them during my childhood. I always used to use my teeth to pry apart the thin, hard-to-separate pieces, so there are bite marks all over my Legos.

Nicholas said...

I-Wei - shut up. I don't need to take your shit anymore now that I've graduated.

Ben - isn't it? It's basically like running a marathon everyday for three weeks in a row.

Ms Fatty - ha, the burger is the "Shack Stack" from Shake Shack. I think the regular burger is in the guide. Personally I'd pay for the difference and get the one with the fried mushroom, but that's just me.

Kevin - I swallowed a 2x4 brick. I had a separator rod for the Lego bricks, but I had tooth marks on mine too. I'm sure I swallowed some of those low profile single raised dot ones too.

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