Friday, April 22, 2011

Vanilla cake, peanut butter, and beef (Adsum)

Adsum burger

If you feel ever so compelled to learn more about the gorgeous burger you see above, head on over to "A Hamburger Today" and read my post there. Now, it's not that I want to take away any potential page views from the fabulous people who write my food checks, but here's the disappointing summary in condensed form... that burger, while huge and grossly filling, is shamefully nondescript even with strange additions like pancetta onion-fondue i.e. a fancy name for bacon in melted cheese and onions. It's not a bad burger at all, it's just not a burger I'd find myself frequently craving... especially not with its price tag. I rarely find myself so indifferent when it comes to meats of this size (10-ounces!), but the Adsum burger just doesn't do it for me. It's okay, prepackaged dessert snacks do... cream filled snacks = cream everywhere.

Tastykake sliders

There was a definite reason I was fat growing up. My mom tried to make me normal lunches like PB&J or ham sandwiches, but I refused to eat them. Looking back, I was kind of a bitch (sorry mom!), and also an idiot. Those things are fucking delicious. Back on point... the only things I would eat in school were Poptarts, Twinkies, and Tastykakes - washed down with chocolate milk of course. The point is, I've had a long love-hate relationship with prepackaged dessert snacks (most of it being love), so when I found out that my beloved Tastykake was in financial trouble, and Adsum was selling Tastykake sliders to support them, I knew what I had to do.

The idea of putting a ball of beef in between PB Kandy Kakes is awesome to me. I mean, I like vanilla cake, I like peanut butter, I like chocolate, and I generally like eating cows. What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately a lot. The "sliders" were basically slightly flattened meatballs topped with a Sriracha-cherry jam and cheese, which were then sandwiched with prepackaged desserts. Meh. I think it's great that the chef at Adsum wanted to support Tastykake by using them in a dish, but execution-wise... these weren't all that great. They're edible (although not from a logistics point of view), but I don't think I'd pay good money for them again. You should keep in mind that this is coming from someone who loves when people use doughnuts for buns... so, these must've been pretty mediocre.

Poutine w/foie gras

Ugh, duck-fat poutine with foie gras. I don't even like foie gras.

I don't know what to say aside from... I think Adsum kind of takes everything a bit too far. Being innovative is a great and all, but almost everything just felt... too much. It's like a toddler with ADD, the parents always think their kid is cute as a button, but to everyone else it's just annoying as fuck.


Stephanie said...


Ben said...

I like how your review on SE is almost completely different from this one.

I have to say that burger in your first pic still looks tasty, although I don't think I would pay $13 for that.

Rodzilla said...

When it starts to feel like a restaurant is just trying shock-food porn type stuff I think the actual food can suffer - it has to taste good in the first place.

Surprised about the foie.

Nicholas said...

Stephanie - yeah, yeah... well aware.

Ben - not different per se... just price independent. If you strip away the aspect of me paying for stuff, then yeah... the Adsum burger is pretty okay, and if the sliders were free, then they might be something I'd eat again, but when you tack on a price tag which could also get my dozens of better burgers? Not a terribly huge fan.

Rodzilla - I'm a a big fan of people doing stupid things with food, but it really feels like they're trying too hard here.

The foie gras isn't bad actually. I just don't normally like it to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Your site is amazing. The photos are gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing! =]

esther said...

duck fat poutine is redundant. duck fat is so rich...why would you add more rich foie gras to it??

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