Friday, February 25, 2011

Over-sized macarons (Sugar Philly Truck)

Sugar Philly Truck... label?

I don't normally like dessert food trucks . I tend to find that they're just rolling excuses to charge more for the same things I can get in bakeries (I hate you soooo much Treats Truck). You start shuffling goods from the back of a truck and all of a sudden it becomes okay to charge $2 for a mini-cupcake? No. That's fucked up and counterintuitive to me. If food comes out of a truck... it should be super cheap and of questionable origins (this second point is key). For one reason or another, as I passed by the Sugar Philly Truck one day, I noticed their sign that said 3 macarons for $2. While that's not cheap, it's also not stupid expensive like some of the boutique-ish shops in NYC. Three it was. Chocolate ganache, sesame, and tiramisu.

In a row

I went to pay and handed over my $2. I was about to set off in a merry skip (or possibly frolic) when I was greeted with a look of confusion. Apparently, dyslexia got the better of me. The macarons were 2 for $3. Fuck. In my head, I didn't want them anymore - why in the world would I pay $1.50 per cookie? - but I smiled sheepishly and supplemented an additional $2.50. Why didn't I just say I didn't want them? Because I am powerless against cute Asian girls who hand me desserts. Sigh.

Stack of macarons

As I shoved each in my mouth (tiramisu, sesame, and chocolate ganache... in that order), my anger/annoyance slowly melted away. Someone commented that they weren't filled very well and looked sad. This is true. The filling is not spread out very well, but it's not because they're trying to rip you off. Standard macarons are roughly the size of Oreos. These are just under 2" in diameter... meaning they're twice as large based on pure surface area, and four times as large volumetrically. So really, from a value standpoint... it's not all that bad after all. As for how they taste? Like a unicorn pissing rainbows in your mouth. Yep, that's a good thing. Of note is the sesame, which is really just like eating 湯圓 (tang yuan) in cookie form... one that melts on your tongue. Despite the shitty construction, these things are alright in my book. Plus the girl at the truck is cute. That's a plus too. /creep


Sue said...

Haha I was going to say 3 macarons for $2 is pretty cheap! And lol creep, following that food truck on Twitter prolly? :P jk

Rodzilla said...

You got me jonesin' for some unicorn urine, brah.

Macarons typically aren't my thing, but for a cute Asian girl...they could be.

Nicholas said...

Sue - actually they follow me. I don't follow them. I'm not creepy! I'm simply stating my opinion that I think the girl who was working at the truck that day is very attractive, and that I would buy her macarons any day.

Rodzilla - unicorn piss. It's so hot right now. Yeah man, I'm allergic to a lot of seafood, but if a cute Asian girl were like... "yo, here's some shrimp flavored cupcakes," I'd probably buy them.

LIN said...

Ha 3 macarons for $2 is quite a steal!

Philly seems to have plenty of diverse delicious foods, which is awesome because I'm actually looking at jobs/internships there.

Nicholas said...

LIN - 2 for $3! Still a steal, just less so. Philly food is deceptively good, but mainly if you like burgers and beer...

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