Friday, October 30, 2009

This doesn't even really deserve a post

Except I'm super excited to have gotten my ramen Woot shirt. It epitomizes my very being to a T (get it? haha super cheesy t-shirt joke). Ahem, sorry. Anyway, I don't actually fall in love with all that many Woot shirts, actually, a lot of them are really stupid (random shirts especially... sorry Wayne). This one was so freakin' awesome that I had to have it. Anyway, in all it's glory there on the left. Also felt like I should mention, Chris got a pumpkin. So amped about carving it, except we have no clue what to do with it. If you can't tell already, we're all insanely childish. It's incredible that we're done with college in just a few months. So yeah, be prepared for a slew more of short stupid posts on what we do with the pumpkin. To the cyclists who actually read my blog, be prepared for a complete build report on a bad weather bike from spare parts found lying around. So epic that it'll probably weigh less than the CAAD9. Go figure.


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