Friday, August 28, 2009

Hello from America

Haha, I've actually been here for a couple of days already, but let's not get hung up on the minor details. I've been really tired (what else is new), and because of jet lag, I waste away most of the day on the couch sleeping. Anyway, be prepared for a slew more of Taiwan related posts, since I think I still have just about a month's worth of eating left to post. In any case, I thought I'd update my blog with a couple of gems I found in the last few days before leaving (excuse me if I don't post in chronological order, it's never been something I adhered to). First up... the 'O Rly' bakery. I actually found this place a few years ago, when the meme was still way more popular, what with the owls and stuff, but I pretty much completely forgot about it. Near the intersection of 復興 (Fu Xing) and 八德 (Ba De), it's a standard bakery that serves Chinese style breads... that is pineapple buns and egg tarts etc. Please don't ask me if the food is good. I walked in, glanced at the prices (mostly 30 NT or above) and left. I know, I know... 30 NT is just a dollar! Still, when I'm in Asia, relative prices dictate, and I wouldn't spend that much at a generic bakery, no matter how awesome the name.

As for this beauty... I went to
風廣場 (Wei Feng Market Square), which is actually a giant department store in the same style as 101, to have lunch. As I was exiting, I found a custom cake maker and saw this gem. They also had a Spongebob cake, as well as other cute designs, but the panda stood out. I think it was about $25, so I obviously didn't buy it... I think a picture was enough to satisfy my curiosity.


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