Thursday, July 9, 2009

On hiatus... temporarily

How do I put this without sounding retarded. Lately I've been really busy trying to make electrons dance happily without resistance at (moderately) high temperatures, couple that with the fact that I hurt my back playing basketball and/or running, added to the fact that my internet is craptarded recently, and you have a recipe for me not posting. Actually, most of this is because my back really hurts.

Not a long break, just until I heal up nice and proper lol.


Anonymous said...

Since when has injury stopped you from doing strenuous activity?

Nicholas said...

Well... I quit rowing, so the 'winners don't get sick mentality' kinda went out the window. Also, I haven't been in this much pain in recent memory. I hurt when I try to turn when I'm sleeping, it hurts when I'm sitting, it even hurts when I brush my teeth, so yeah, it's pretty bad. I did *try to run this morning, for all of 100 meters it was going pretty well haha.

Scott said...

Nick, this is Scott. I've been following your blog. You have one day to be sick and I expect you on the erg tomorrow. [insert semi-inspirational quote that makes you feel like a pussy]


Yvo Sin said...

Oh no, I hope you feel better, baby bear!

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