Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas musings...

Apple... cake thing

So I chose a good day to start a blog, what with it being Christmas and all... (not that I celebrate Christmas, but that's besides the point). In any case, as an amateur cook and amateur food critic, consider this my "Hello World!" post.

Did I mention I'm also an amateur/professional nerd?

Anyway, I guess since this is a food blog of sorts, I should make some mention of something edible. As a time killer, I decided on baking an apple biscuit cake, with a recipe I found in one of my mom's Chinese magazines. All in all it turned out pretty well, with fairly positive reviews from the harshest critic I know (my sister... who ate a quarter of it before it cooled)


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Gawd this makes me sad... or impressed by how much marginally less crappy my blog is now?

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